I just heard today that PETA has made Barn Hunt an “Action Event” and is urging people to contact the owner of the event center in which we will hold our first trial and stop Barn Hunting. The owner of CCSC, who is also a researcher who has spent decades working with rats and mice and is a Barn Hunt judge, has been patiently answering each inquiry.

To see and read about the action event, go here:


Now, to address PETA concerns.

As you all already know, we are very concerned about proper rat care in Barn Hunt. We do not allow rats to be harmed and are very particular about ventilation, rest breaks, etc. I am copying our rat care segement of the rules below. If any of you have any concerns about rat care, please feel free to contact me personally.

Rat Care and Safety

All attempts must be made to ensure rat safety at Barn Hunt events. The rat tube should be sturdy and secure and should not be crushable by canine jaws. Suggested rat tube construction can be found in Appendix C. Clubs are not required to construct tubes exactly to these specifications, but any tube construction must allow good ventilation and room to move for the rats. Four inch diameter PVC for the main tube construction is required. Three inch diameter PVC is not accepted. Tube length should be at least 10″. Black (ABS) piping is strongly discouraged and should not be used in hot climate areas. Judges should be able to easily and safely shift tubes around the course. Rats must always have litter in their tube to help with sanitation. Rats should not be worked continuously through an entire day, and should be traded out as necessary to a safe location away from the ring (more often in hot weather) for breaks and water. Clubs/organizations may need as many as 10 rats per day to ensure proper rest times for the rats. Rats are not to be killed at the end of the day.

To learn more about PETA and the Humane Society of the United States and their radical views, go to http://www.humanewatch.com