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Register/Manage Your Dog(s)

First Time Registering? Read This!

All dogs entering Barn Hunt Association trials are required to have a registration number before entering. Your dog’s registration number must be listed on the entry form. The registration fee is $26, and is a lifetime fee for that dog (there are no annual fees in Barn Hunt, nor do we charge a membership fee for dog owners).

To register your dog, click on the link below and create a new account, then add up to 5 dogs. Once you have paid your registration, your Barn Hunt numbers will be generated for you immediately.

Click here to Register Your Dog(s)!

Your dog’s registration will be used for the lifetime of that dog. You do not have to be a “Barn Hunt Member” to enter a trial; the BHA does not require owners to have a membership. Registration fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Already have a BH Registered Dog? Read This!

If you have not yet accessed the new Registration Management System, click on the link below. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Login with the email you used when you originally registered your dog. The last four digits of the phone number you used is your password. Change your password immediately.

You may now view your dogs by clicking on Dogs. Click on the call name to see the trial records for that dog. You may also change and edit your personal information. Click to Add a dog if you wish to register another dog.

Once you have accessed the new system once, simply use your login and password to access your records at any time.

Click here to Manage Your Dog(s)!




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