Barn Hunt International License

There are increasing requests to hold Barn Hunt events in other countries. Currently the Barn Hunt office runs events within the United States and Canada. Running overseas events from the United States is not really practical or feasible. However, we are happy to offer license opportunities for countries wishing to hold events outside the U.S. and Canada.

The first country to offer Barn Hunt outside of the U.S./Canada is Norway, who began competitions in 2016. In 2019 the UK started operations. We welcome other inquiries.

Important Copyright and Trademark Information

The Barn Hunt Association logo, Barn Hunt International logo, and the words Barn Hunt are Regsitered Trademarks (R). The Barn Hunt Rules and all other associated materials are fully copyrighted and registered with the copyright office of the United States. Cooperative agreements exist between the United States and most international countries for both Trademark and Copyright law. What that means in layman's terms is that no person, entity, or country may take or use any logos or copyrighted materials/Rules from the BHA without the express permission of the BHA. That includes using any copyrighted materials to start a competing organization.

What it means to license

Entities entering into a license agreement with the BHA would have the right to use and modify (with some restrictions) the BHA Rules to best suit their country. They will receive and use the Barn Hunt International logo and have the opportunity to purchase and use the very sophisticated management software developed specifically for the sport. Having a license with the BHA will allow countries to benefit from the already established rules and successful operating model of Barn Hunt.

These entities would then have the authority and responsibility to direct all Barn Hunt operations for the sport for their country. That includes registering and keeping track of individual dogs, owners, and their records (qualifying scores, titles, etc.), authorizing other persons to hold events within the country, licensing individuals to have the capability to judge events, etc.

Contact Robin Nuttall at if you are interested in this opportunity.