Barn Hunt and the CKC

Barn Hunt® is an independent organization. However after January 1, 2018, Barn Hunt titles will be recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. The CKC will recognize the following titles:


I have earned my Open Barn Hunt (RATS) in 2016. If I earn my Senior Barn Hunt after Jan 1 2018. What do I do to receive a CKC recognition and title? Do I need to redo my Open Barn Hunt again?

The form to be posted on the CKC website, will ask you to provide THE BARN HUNT ASSOCIATION Current Title you are requesting. You are not required to show proof of your prior titles earned to the CKC.


The Form to complete is not under the CKC forms

The Form is in development and will be available prior to the January 1 2018 launch date


What does it mean that CKC is recognizing titles and Certificates?

CKC will issue A CKC Certificate with the title RATN for Example and add it to the dog profile when you complete the form along with payment of $20 + Tax and the required documentation from THE BARN HUNT ASSOCIATION


My dog is currently not registered with the CKC, can I get a CKC Certificate?

Unfortunately No cannot obtain a CKC Certificate or Title as your dog will need one of the following: CKC Registration Number, a Performance Event Number, a CCN Number, a Miscellaneous Certification Number or an Event Registration Number

To print your Barn Hunt title certificate, log in to your account (see Log In above). Click on your dog's name, then on the Award title.

Barn Hunt Events held in conjunction with CKC events.

Barn Hunt events can be held in conjunction with CKC events. The CKC must be informed of the event.

In order to hold ANY Barn Hunt event in conjunction with a UKC event, the following must be true:

Only the Barn Hunt Association has been given sanction to hold Barn Hunt events in conjunction with UKC events. An entity which is not affiliated with the Barn Hunt Association (not a licensed club) cannot offer any activity called "Barn Hunt" at any UKC event. The term [Barn Hunt] is Service Marked and may not be used by any entity not licensed and approved by the Barn Hunt Association.