Barn Hunt and the UKC

Barn HuntSM is an independent organization. However, Barn Hunt titles are recognized by the United Kennel Club. If you have a UKC registered dog and would like to have your Barn Hunt titles show up on your UKC pedigree and in your official UKC record, it's easy.

You will need to fill out the title recognition form and include it, a copy of your Barn Hunt title certificate, and $20.

Click here to get the UKC Title Recognition Application form

To learn more about the UKC and their many other programs and offerings, go to

To print your Barn Hunt title certificate, log in to your account (see Log In above). Click on your dog's name, then on the Award title.

Barn Hunt Events held in conjunction with UKC events.

Barn Hunt events can be held in conjunction with UKC events. The UKC must be informed of the event.

In order to hold ANY Barn Hunt event in conjunction with a UKC event, the following must be true:

Only the Barn Hunt Association has been given sanction to hold Barn Hunt events in conjunction with UKC events. An entity which is not affiliated with the Barn Hunt Association (not a licensed club) cannot offer any activity called "Barn Hunt" at any UKC event. The term [Barn Hunt] is Service Marked and may not be used by any entity not licensed and approved by the Barn Hunt Association.