Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barn Hunt?

In Barn Hunt, dogs locate rats (safely enclosed in aerated tubes) hidden in a straw/hay bale maze.  It’s a timed event with 3 different dog height divisions. Teams can get titles, placements, and championships.

Are rats hurt/killed in Barn Hunt?

Absolutely not. Though the event is called Barn Hunt, we are not hunting rats to kill them. Instead, dogs locate rats who are safely enclosed in aerated tubes that are built to be tough enough for dogs to be unable to crush or even get a tooth into. The tubes are large enough for rats to be able to turn around, and they are kept on bedding so they are comfortable. They often spend their time grooming or even sleeping in the tubes. Many enjoy the sport and interacting with the dogs. As a species, rats like small, dark places; they feel very safe in the tubes.

Rat care and safety is of paramount importance to the sport and has been from day one. Our rat care guidelines were developed with assistance  from well-qualified sources who have spent decades studying, housing, and caring for rats. We like rats and would never harm them physically or mentally for the sport.

I have a big dog (or a non-terrier or mix). Can he/she do Barn Hunt?

Absolutely. Barn Hunt is open to any dog of any size, breed, or mix that can fit through an 18" wide by bale height tall tunnel made of straw bales.

How much does it cost to Register a dog?

Dog Registration is a one-time $32 fee. That fee covers each dog for a lifetime. It is non-refundable and non-transferrable, but if you aren't sure yet that you or your dog will like the sport keep in mind that a registration number is only required to enter a licensed trial. No registration number is required for Fun Tests or any unofficial clinics or fun days. Please do note that even if you register by mistake, the fee is still non-refundable because our costs are incurred up front.

Where are my registration numbers?

Your registration numbers are in the Register. Log In, then click Your Dog(s). You can then click on each dog's Call Name to bring up their entire record. Not just registration number but scores, titles, and more. You can print title certificates from this screen as well.

Where are my title certificates? Do you mail those?

Your title certificates are not mailed. To access your title certificates, log in to your account on the Register. Click Your Dogs, then your dog's name. Your scores and titles will be there.

How do I start a Barn Hunt Club?

Barn Hunt clubs can consist of clubs, commercial entities, or groups of friends. The best way to start one up is to reach out to area friends who also want Barn Hunt, and start one yourself! Club Requirements are outlined in the Club Rules. The Club Application is online on the Register. Log in and click Club Application.

Do I have to register online? Can’t I send you a check?

All Barn Hunt applications and registrations are online. Being all online allows for more responsiveness and is far less expensive and time consuming, which helps keep all costs down. It also saves trees. Online transactions are safe and secure. We do not accept checks or paper registrations.

Is Barn Hunt an AKC Event?

No. Barn Hunt is an independent organization. However, if you have an AKC registered dog and would like Barn Hunt titles listed on your AKC pedigree, you can do so. AKC clubs wishing to hold a Barn Hunt event in conjunction with an AKC trial may do so with some restrictions. Find out more information here. 

Is Barn Hunt a UKC Event?

No. Barn Hunt is an independent organization. The UKC recognizes titles of Novice and above for listing on UKC pedigrees.  Find out more information here.

Are all Barn Hunts in barns?

Not necessarily. Barn Hunt events may be held indoors or outdoors, in almost any area as long as the ring can be securely fenced.