Barn Hunt Video Courses

Using Illustrator to Design Barn Hunt Courses

This series of videos will be on using Adobe Illustrator to design Barn Hunt courses. Illustrator CC was used to produce these videos, but many of the methods shown will work with older versions. The videos use a PC. The software is virtually identical on a Mac so should be easily adaptable.

Each video is less than 10 minutes and covers one topic, so you can learn one piece at a time. More videos will be added in future. The videos are HD and can/should be watched full screen.

Video 1: Opening a new file and setting up nonprinting background guides.

Video 2: Setting up your Course Grid using the Rectangle and Rectangular Grid tools.

Video 3: Adding numbers and saving your Course Grid as a Library item so it can be accessed from any Adobe application

Video 4: Making Course Grids for unusually sized rings