Hurdle Over 2020!

Hurdle Over 2020 is a just-for-fun competition and a Club Fundraiser aimed at lifting spirits in the Barn Hunt community in the face of a difficult year. Dogs at any level can compete. Scores do not count toward any Barn Hunt title. Usually hurdles are only found at Regional and National competition.

Hurdle Over 2020 competitions will take place between October 16 and November 30, 2020. There will be local placements, then in December, National placements will be announced. There will be National placements first through fourth by height, then a National overall first, second, and third place winner. National height placements will receive ribbons, and National overall winners will receive ribbons and an award. All will be mailed.

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The rules are FINAL.

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Right now the logo is shown only on a shirt and a mug. You can choose any shirt in any color and customize your shirt with your name, the dog's name, etc. You can also choose a different mug, etc. If you have more item requests, those can be provided, contact

For Clubs

Results spreadsheet

Do not re-order, add, or subtract columns. Times are entered as seconds and 10ths.

Scribe sheet

See the rules on how to handle the scribe sheet.

Lane Diagram

Note that the cradle is not shown but tubes MUST be secured and cannot be laid on the ground. See the rules.